For high-profile individuals, the opportunity to exploit their image rights can be a big money-maker to supplement their day-to-day work. Such agreements are complex to grasp for many in the entertainment industry though and the challenge of constructing a watertight legal document that will protect the individual and his or her future endeavours can be complex. For those who have such arrangements in place, the increasingly disparate media landscape brings its own challenges and opportunities in terms of exploiting image rights.

In this session, legal experts and talent managers will offer a vital insight into how image rights agreements have evolved in recent years, and what tools are available to ensure such agreements are properly policed.

  • How can you generate the right financial return from image rights?
  • What are the particular features that an image rights contract should have in order to protect the individual?
  • How do you select the right partners for these deals and what are the key points to consider?