The fall-out of the Harvey Weinstein scandal has exposed a dark side of the entertainment industry, with numerous actors having spoken of their own experiences of being exploited by those in power on their journey up the career ladder. However, exploitation in the entertainment industry takes many forms, from young talent being denied their due payments by unscrupulous companies and promoters to those who are forced to plough on through inadequate working conditions.

In this session, a panel of experts will provide real-life examples and scenarios of the kinds of exploitations that talent – and their support team – need to be aware of, and the steps that can be taken to mitigate any such dangers.

  • What are the reporting procedures in place for those who believe they have been exploited?
  • How can talent managers be proactive in minimising the dangers of exploitation?
  • What due diligence can the support team carry out to safeguard their client?